Audi RS3 Sportback Rendered — Probably Accurate

Just last week, Audi unveiled the latest generation of A3 Sportback and it looks better than we had expected. With sculpted lines, an aggressive front end and a slick interior, the 2020 Audi A3 is lookin’ good. Naturally, fans are look for something a bit more exciting still. We know a full-on Audi RS3 Sportback is on its way but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to officially see that. Or, we can just check out this new render which likely looks accurate. (The render isn’t ours so we can’t use it but you can see it here)


It must be easy for render artists to create renders of Audi ‘RS’ models yet to debut. Audi Sport is famously conservative with its styling, so they always look just a bit sportier than the standard car and they’re all quite similar. So it’s never hard to imagine what any ‘RS’ version of any Audi might look like.

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In this specific instance, the Audi RS3 Sportback render looks a lot like what we expect the real production car to look like. It’s very similar to the standard A3 Sportback, just with more aggressive front air intakes, sportier wheels and dual oval exhausts. It’s not particularly exciting but that’s sort of par for the course with Audi Sport.


Admittedly, the brand did break the mold when it created the RS6 Avant, which is drastically different from the standard A6 and very aggressive looking. So maybe the folks in Ingolstadt are trending toward more aggressive Audi Sport models and, if that’s the case, we could see a very exciting looking Audi RS3 Sportback.

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When it makes its debut, the next-gen RS3 is said to make around 450 hp from a 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder, according to Auto Motor und Sport. That would be about 50 horsepower more than the current car. To be honest, we’ll be surprised if it makes that much more, and expect it to make somewhere between 400-420 hp. Still, that will be enough.


[Source: Motor1]
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