Audi RS3 Sportback In Gomera Green Featured In New Video

A new generation of the Audi RS3 Sportback is inching closer, but there’s still time to revisit the outgoing model one more time. The Audi Zentrum Zwickau GmbH dealer in Germany has uploaded a short-but-sweet video showing the facelifted hot hatch in a rare Audi exclusive paint called Gomera Green pearl effect. The clip was shot by Philip Schott Visuals with the RS3 in the middle of the woods, flaunting its sophisticated paint job.

This RS3 Sportback reminds us of the perks of being able to shop in the premium segment. Why settle for something bland such as white or gray when you can get this special Gomera Green shade instead? It does cost extra, but if you can afford a new RS3, you can probably make the extra financial effort to go for an Audi exclusive paint. Not that gray is boring, as with its Nardo Gray paint, Audi has demonstrated that even a color that might seem dull at first can be an eye-catcher on the right car.

Aside from Gomera Green, the outgoing RS3 Sportback is available with other Audi Exclusive paints varying from Palace Blue and Aventurine Orange to Velvet Purple and Dark Red. We could go on forever, mentioning Nogaro Blue and Solar Orange, with Viper Green being probably the most striking choice of them all. If none of them tickle your fancy, there’s also the option of a customized paint job, but that usually costs more and increases the time needed by Audi to deliver the car.

You can rest assured the new RS3 will also be available in a multitude of standard and Exclusive paint jobs to suit all sorts of customer tastes. It should debut either by the year’s end or early 2021, but not before the S3 we’re expecting to see in the following weeks or months.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.