Audi RS3 Sedan In Velvet Purple Has The Wow Factor

Fire up the online configurator for the Audi RS3 Sedan and you’ll find six paint choices. Nardo Gray doesn’t cost extra, while Glacier White, Mythos Black, Tango Red, and Daytona Gray are priced at $595. Should you want Ara Blue, that’ll set you back $1,075. If none of these shades tickle your fancy, there’s always the Audi Individual color palette for something a bit more special. That’s what the owner of this car went with, deciding to go with Velvet Purple.

Filmed by DaysChasingCars from his A3 Sedan covered in snow camouflage, the RS3 Sedan is a 2018MY riding on aftermarket BC Forged EH173 wheels finished in brushed bronze. It has some changes underneath the hood where the turbocharged inline-five has an ECU remapped by Unitronic and can run on E85 fuel.

The car’s owner says it’s the only Velvet Purple RS3 in North America, but it’s difficult to know that for sure. It’s a breath of fresh air to see an unconventional factory paint choice, one that certainly increased the waiting time as cars with upgrades from Audi Exclusive add roughly eight weeks to a standard factory build.

Here’s hoping the next-generation RS3 Sedan will also be offered in Velvet Purple and other special paint options available through the Audi Exclusive catalog. Not that the regular colors are bland, but the ones that require a special order are perfectly suited for performance cars as they build on the vehicle’s already increased appeal.

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The RS3 Sedan is not the only car available with this vibrant paint as we’ve seen it before on the A8 sedan and R8 supercar as well. It looks better in person and is simply gorgeous under direct sunlight. If you’d like to see more of this car, the owner has lots of images of his RS3 Sedan Velvet Purple on Instagram.

Adrian Padeanu

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