Audi RS3 Sedan Tackles the Norisring — Germany’s Monaco

Who doesn’t love a good street circuit? Watching race cars play on normal city streets is always good fun but even more fun is actually driving on those same city streets, remembering where the cars turn and trying to emulate it. In this new article from Car Throttle, they take the Audi RS3 Sedan through one of the most famous stretches of street circuit in the world — the Norisring.


The 1.4 mile stretch of street circuit only has a 50 km/h speed limit when it’s not being used as a proper racing circuit. However, when it is a racing circuit, speeds obviously get a bit quicker. So fast, in fact, that cars can finish a lap of the Norisring in well under a minute. Ironically, Audi holds the lap record there, with an RS5 DTM setting a blisteringly quick 46.618 second time, with Nico Müller at the wheel (nice name). Fitting, then, that CT brought the RS3 Sedan there.

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Of course, the Audi RS3 is a lot slower through any circuit than the RS5 DTM but it’s still a great car to take through a street circuit. Its 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine makes 401 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, which helps it hit 60 mph in under four seconds, perfect for those tighter sections.


The Norisring has a dark history, too, being located in Nuremburg, where Nazis held rallies. US bombings destroyed many of the Nazi landmarks but some structures still remain. Interestingly, motorsport at the Norisring dates all the way back to 1947, only a few years after WWII ended.

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It’s an interesting story from Car Throttle, as they take to one of Europe’s most iconic street circuit’s in one of Germany’s newest performance cars. The Audi RS3 Sedan is going to be the last of its kind, so it’s nice to see publications use it for stories like this.


[Source: Car Throttle]
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