CONFIRMED: Audi RS3 Sedan coming to North America

Last week, we spoke about how the Audi RS3 had possibly been confirmed during an Audi retreat for Audi North America employees. We didn’t have absolute confirmation, but the information seemed solid and there was even a picture circling the internet. Now, though, we have an absolute confirmation of the Audi RS3 Sedan making it to North American shores, as video has been released of that exact Audi retreat and the presentation announcing the RS3 Sedan.

The video seems to have been captured by a viewers mobile phone, as the quality isn’t great, it’s shaky and kind of tilted. However, it’s good enough to see and hear all about the new Audi RS3 Sedan.

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Audi RS3 Sedan render by X-Tomi Design
Audi RS3 Sedan render by X-Tomi Design

The presentation shows the unveiling of the RS3 Sedan and we get a very good look at what it will be. The front end looks significantly more aggressive than the standard S3 sedan and the new 3D grille looks very good. The air intakes in the front bumper look especially cool and very unique to the RS3. We even get some information about the car and some specs. The RS3 Sedan will indeed use the same 2.5 liter turbocharged I5 engine as the RS3 Sportback and it will produce up to 400 hp. This engine will be mated to Audi’s seven-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox and will send power to all four wheels via Quattro. The RS3 will also be fitted with “racing suspension” as per the presenter, whatever that means. We’re guessing a stiffer version of the optional magnetic suspension on the current RS3 Sportback.

All in all, the RS3 looks and seems like its going to be a very good and exciting car. We can now rest assured that it will be making its way ‘Stateside, even if it is only the sedan and not the hatchback. It will be an excellent addition to Audi’s RS lineup, which will be gaining seven new models by 2019, according to the presenter. So Audi’s Quattro GmbH Division will be busy in the coming years and hopefully most of those models will be available in North America. However, if most of them don’t make it here, at least we’ll have the RS3 Sedan.

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