Audi RS3 Sedan Drag Races BMW X3 M In Husband Vs Wife Duel

Many would argue an SUV has no place at the drag strip because it’s usually too tall and heavy to be considered an actual performance car. While we’d take a coupe or a sedan over an SUV every day of the week and twice on Sunday, we also believe people should be allowed to have fun regardless of what they want to drag race.

This married couple is living the good life as the husband decided to pit his tuned Audi RS3 Sedan against an also modded BMW X3 M driven by his significant other. Aside from having upgraded engines, the two cars also had something else in common – a child seat. To be fair, the Bavarian SUV technically had a booster seat, but you get the idea.

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Speaking of extra oomph, the Audi’s turbocharged inline-five mill was boosted to approximately 500 horsepower whereas the X3 M’s inline-six had a 50-hp advantage over the RS sedan. Both are all-wheel drive and feature an automatic transmission, but the sedan’s gearbox is of the dual-clutch variety. DragTimes filmed the adrenaline-packed “family activity” during a private drag strip rental.

As expected from two drivers who are doing this just for fun without taking things too seriously, the drag races are rather uneven. We’ll note the slow reaction times of both drivers, along with the X3 M’s bad habit of jumping the start. It is worth mentioning the BMW is significantly heavier as it has to carry around roughly 510 kilograms (1,124 pounds) more than the Audi. A better match would be with the RS Q5, if Audi ever decides to launch it…

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Meanwhile, a new RS3 Sedan should be with us soon and it probably won’t take too long until some of the early adopters will bring them to the drag strip. Since it’s expected to feature largely the same engine as the current model, tuners will jump at the opportunity to unlock more horsepower.

Adrian Padeanu

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