One Of These 2021 Audi RS3 Prototypes Sounds Meaner Than The Other

To say we’re excited to see the new Audi RS3 Sportback would be a major understatement. We’ve been keeping an eye on prototypes testing for countless months, trying to decipher the mystery that is Ingolstadt’s new high-powered hatchback. A new video shot by statesidesupercars at the Nürburgring might contain one of the RS3 puzzles as we’ve noticed the prototypes had different soundtracks.

The test vehicle spotted working out at the ‘Ring gym with less camouflage and the license plate ending in “882” sounds pretty much like all of the other RS3 prototypes we’ve heard before. It’s not necessarily aggressive, possibly due to having a gasoline particulate filter for the European market. However, it is a different story with the other car, the one wearing full camo attire and carrying a license plate that ends with “441.”

We strongly believe the meaner soundtrack is thanks to an optional RS sport exhaust lending the Mercedes-AMG A45 rival a more alluring grunt. It will be an upgrade worth forking out the money for as the differences in exhaust notes are pretty obvious. The first prototype sounds a bit muted and not really worthy of an RS3, so getting the optional exhaust will be a must.

According to a recent statement made by an Audi official, the revamped RS3 is going to be unveiled in “some months” from now. It’s unclear whether we’ll see the Sportback and Sedan on the same day or the company will introduce the four-door variant at a later date. Who knows, maybe it’s the sedan that will get the first outing seeing as how this will be the only version sold in the United States where hatchbacks are not that popular.

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One thing is for sure – the RS3 will be unveiled after the S3 coming out likely in the coming weeks. While the warm version (pictured at the top) will have a little over 300 horsepower, it’s rumored that the five-cylinder model will be bumped to roughly 415 hp and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft). If the reports are accurate, it would mean an additional 20 hp and 20 Nm (15 lb-ft) compared to the old RS3.

Adrian Padeanu

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