One-Seat Audi RS3 With No Exhaust Does Quarter Mile In 9.5 Seconds

We first wrote about Vancity Audi’s heavily modified RS3 Sedan a couple of months ago when the YouTuber compared his stripped-out performance machine to an R8 V10 Performance. The car is back in a hardcore specification as the owner pulled out all the stops and turn it into the ultimate four-door drag car. It’s now a single-seater fitted with a wide array of upgrades to dominate the drag strip.

By far the most important change compared to the standard RS3 Sedan is the TTE700 turbocharger upgrade from The Turbo Engineers. The car does away with the exhaust and rides on purpose-built Hoosier drag slicks, while packing an impressively high number of modifications for the 2.5 TFSI inline-five engine.

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You can imagine it wasn’t cheap to turn the RS3 into an absolute drag racer, but you can tell from the owner’s huge smile that it was well worth the financial effort. On the very first run, it did the quarter mile in an astonishing 9.5 seconds at 147.29 mph (237 km/h). Vancity Audi then raced his beast against a friend’s RS3, which also had its fair share of mods, although not to the same extent.

If you’re wondering how much the fully stripped-out RS3 weighs, the magic number would have to be 3,055 pounds (1,386 kilograms). That makes it a whopping 328 lbs (149 kg) lighter than the stock vehicle after getting rid of absolutely everything that could be removed from the car. The RS3 is so extreme up to the point the drag strip’s administrators told Vancity Audi they would kick him out for racing a nine-second car without a roll cage.

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His final run goes to show the huge difference between the two modified sedans, and you can imagine Vancity Audi’s purpose-built car would have obliterated a standard RS3.

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