Audi RS3 Nardo Edition is a last hurrah for this generation RS3

This generation of Audi RS3 is on its last legs. With the introduction of the new A3 Sportback, the current car will be going the way of the dodo quite soon. However, before that happens, Audi decided to send it out with a bit of a bang (maybe just a fizzle?), one last hurrah, before it’s finally put out to pasture. It’s the Audi RS3 Nardo Edition.


What does the Nardo Edition bring to the RS3? Well, Nardo Gray paint, of course. There are obviously other goodies included but it’s the Nardo Gray color that’s most important. Not only is Nardo one of the most popular colors among Audi enthusiasts, it’s popular among enthusiasts of all brands. I’ve seen BMWs and Lamborghinis painted Nardo and they look great.

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The RS3 Nardo Edition also gets a Black Optics package, to contrast its gray paint, staggered 19-inch bi-color wheels, red brake calipers and a black lip spoiler. So it will look cooler than every other RS3 on the road.


While its 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder remains unchanged — still making 394 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque — it does get a higher top speed. Rather than the typical 155 mph top speed, the Audi RS3 Nardo Edition gets bumped to 174 mph. So if you track your car, you’ll be happy to know the Nardo Edition can go a bit quicker on those long straights.

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Outside of those small changes, the Audi RS3 Nardo Edition is pretty much unchanged from the standard car. That’s no bad thing, of course, as the standard car is incredible. But it’s not the big last hurrah we were hoping for. Still, it comes with the coolest paint color Audi makes and it’s only $59,000, which isn’t actually that bad for a car that can nail 60 mph in less than four seconds and haul four adults around in.

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