Audi RS3 in the works?

According to manager of technical developments at Audi, Michael Dick, yes, expect to see a 2011 Audi RS3 based off of the current A3 platform. To keep with the smaller hot hatch and lighter weight than some of the other S and RS models, the RS3 will be powered by the same 340 horsepower turbocharged inline-5 cylinder engine currently driving the soon to be on sale Audi TT RS.

Like the TT and the TT RS, this will be quattro GmbH’s first full-on RS work-up of the Audi A3/S3 model. Expect to see the full treatment of oval tailpipes, large flared airdams, rear-biased quattro all-wheel-drive, and a 0 to 60 time somewhere in the sub-5 second range.  Aside from the details above, not much has been reported on the RS3 other than to confirm it will be coming down the pipeline and that it intends to rule the world of hot hatches!

(expect the A3 to get this sort of treatment at the front!)


(Source: 4 Wheels News)