2020 Audi RS3 With Gasoline Particulate Filter Still Sounds Pretty Good

One of the last current-generation RS3 Sportback models built by Audi in European specification is featured in a new video courtesy of YouTubers at ExoticCarspotters. As the name of the channel implies, they’re specialized in providing coverage of high-end vehicles that belong to various people, but this hot hatch is actually their very own.

They’ve had it for a couple of weeks and the car is now past its break-in period, meaning the full potential of the inline-five engine has been unlocked. Being an RS3 built for the Euro market, it means it has the dreaded gasoline particulate filter (GPF) that Audi had to add to make the car WLTP-compliant. As you may recall, the RS3 was actually on a hiatus on the Old Continent back in 2018 as production had to stop in order to tweak oily bits and make the hot hatch and sedan comply with the stricter emissions regulations.

There are a couple of reasons as to why this particular car sounds better than the other Euro-spec cars built after issues prompted by the switch to WLTP. One of them is the optional RS sport exhaust as denoted by the blacked-out oval exhaust tips, while the aftermarket Cete valve controller also helps to improve the 2.5 TFSI’s soundtrack.

Even with a new RS3 debuting in a few months, the 8V-generation model remains a hugely desirable hot hatchback. That said, you’d probably be better off waiting for the next-gen car seeing as how it’s rumored to get a bump in output to approximately 415 horsepower. There are even reports speculating an RS3 Performance could arrive further down the line with as much as 450 hp.

Once again, it seems highly unlikely the Sportback shape will be available in the United States where Audi prefers to only sell the RS3 Sedan. It’s the same story with Mercedes and its A45 available only as a sedan in North America where AMG also has a more stylish CLA45 sedan.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.