Audi RS3 Will Get Checkered Flag Design in Headlights

Audi Sport is famous, or potentially infamous, for not differentiating its cars much from the standard Audis on which their based. For example, the Audi RS5 is barely different looking from the standard A5, especially if the latter is equipped with some sort of S-Line package. It seems that Audi’s performance arm is looking to further differentiate its products a bit more, as of late, judging by the RS6’s radical new design. However, one subtle way it’s trying to do so is by changing up the headlights slightly, with the upcoming Audi RS3. (We don’t have the photo but see it here)


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A leaked internal photo from Audi PR shows off some of the differences between the headlights in the entire A3 model lineup. For the standard headlights, there will be three types of lighting elements inside the actual headlight housing itself, depending on the trim level you get. However, if you opt for the Matrix LED headlights, things get a bit more interesting.


Each step up from the standard Audi A3 gets a different sort of Matrix LED headlight design. For all of them, the top “eyebrow” part of the light remains unchanged. However, the bottom portion does change. For instance, the standard A3 gets two small horizontal bars, while the S-Line A3 and Audi S3 both get two vertical lines. The Audi A3 TFSI e hybrid gets three horizontal lines that decrease in length from top to bottom.


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Lastly, the Audi RS3 gets an entirely different design, as it replaces those lines with a checkered flag design. It’s an interesting choice but one that we actually like quite a bit. The checkered flag is obviously a nod to motorsport, being that the RS3 is an Audi Sport product. But it also looks cool.



American customers might appreciate it even more, considering that the checkered flag has long been associated with an American sports car icon — the Corvette.


While these are minor changes, it’s nice to see some sort of special design for the Audi RS3. Audi Sport vehicles have long been too closely related to their standard siblings that it’s nice to see some differences, even subtle ones.

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[Source: Jalopnik]
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