This Audi RS3 Avant Render is Unnecessary Yet Desirable

This new Audi RS3 is getting some pretty rave reviews, much to my pleasure. I won’t lie to you, I was a bit worried about this new RS3 when I found out it really wouldn’t make any more power than its predecessor. I worried Audi would phone it in. Apparently, my worries were not only unfounded but it was actually the opposite — Audi crushed it. But could it be even better? What if it were just a bit longer, with a bit more trunk space?


Seen in this new render (which we don’t own but can be seen here) is what an Audi RS3 Avant might look like, if Audi wanted to really slice the niche pie even thinner. Audi currently sells the RS3 Sportback, a small five-door hatchback, but even that car isn’t as practical as, say, an Audi RS4 Avant. So what if Audi were to actually built a bigger, more wagon-like version? Well then it’d probably look something like this.

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The look of this Audi RS3 Avant render isn’t exactly surprising — it looks like a longer RS3 Sportback. And honestly, it’s wholly unnecessary. The Sportback is already quite practical for a small car and adding a bit of extra cargo space isn’t going to make it drastically more desirable. Plus, most enthusiasts would likely prefer the smaller, lighter Sportback anyway.


With that said, it’s still very cool. The Audi RS3 is far more desirable a car than the larger, more premium, and more practical RS4 Avant. Not only is the RS3 smaller but it’s also sharper, more engaging to drive, comes with a cool trick all-wheel drive system that can send all of its power to the rear wheels, and even has a drift-mode. It’s a right little hooligan, the RS3. So giving it a more RS4-like trunk might suddenly make RS4 buyers want to jump ship, especially if it were cheaper.

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However, Audi’s not going to want to do that and cannibalize RS4 sales. So don’t ever expect an Audi RS3 Avant to ever happen. That doesn’t mean we don’t wish it would, though.


[Source: X-Tomi]

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