Audi RS3 With Over 700 Horsepower And Two Seats Is A Super Sedan

The Audi RS3 is an absolute blast to drive in standard guise, but this owner wanted to dial the performance sedan up a notch. He got to work by fitting the car with an APR stage 3 kit with an SRM turbocharger and an Integrated Engineering intake. The 2.5-liter inline-five is now linked to an AWE exhaust with an SRM downpipe.

The list of modifications is impressively extensive as the car’s owner pulled out all the stops to transform his RS3 into a proper speed machine. The engine can now take race fuel to unlock a whopping 713 horsepower or 313 hp more than the standard setup. On pump gas, it still delivers more than 600 hp. Due to the beefier internals working at higher temperatures, an APR intercooler was installed, complete with yellow details to match the brake calipers and RS badges.

The owner told YouTuber hampshirephoto the DSG usually sprays oil in the engine bay when the engine is tuned to deliver high power, but he fixed the issue by installing an oil catcher from Iroz Motorsport. The RS3 Sedan was then put on a diet courtesy of Neuspeed wheels and a stripped-out interior with Sparco bucket front seats and a rear bench delete.

The end result is an RS3 Sedan that does the quarter mile in 9.96 seconds when the engine is feeding on E85. On pump gas, the owner estimates it’ll do the quarter mile in approximately 10.3 seconds. If you’re still not impressed, the 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) sprint is completed in a mind-boggling 2.49 seconds while the 62 to 124 mph (100 to 200 km/h) takes 4.6 seconds. These are basically hypercar levels of performance… in a compact four-door car.

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The owner bought it completely stock about a year and a half ago and then turned it into a beast of a sedan. If you’re wondering about how much torque the 2.5 TFSI now delivers after being heavily upgraded, it pumps out 530 pound-feet (718 Newton-meters) on regular fuel and a jaw-dropping 565 lb-ft (766 Nm) while retaining the stock engine block.

He’s not done tweaking the car as the next step is to modify the inline-five further more and take it to 800 horsepower at the wheels.

Adrian Padeanu

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