Audi RS1 under consideration

The Audi RS1 might actually come to life sometime in the future as a company official says he would like the model to be green-lighted for production. According to Andrew Doyle who is managing director at Audi Australia, there seems to be an appetite for an RS1 and if approved, the model will definitely come to Australia as he believes Audi should expand its RS catalog to better compete with Mercedes-AMG.

He didn’t exactly confirm the existence of an RS1 so it’s unlikely that the model will come to life in this generation of the A1. This means it will likely be based on the next-gen A1 which will likely be out sometime in 2018 so this hypothetical RS1 won’t see the light of production day before 2019.

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It is believed Audi has plans to expand its RS portfolio and aside from this RS1, there could be an RS8 based on the next generation A8 along with a fully-fledged RS version of the yet unreleased Q1 baby crossover. This decision to boost the RS offerings makes sense taking into account both Mercedes-AMG and BMW M are coming out with new products that seem to be just as desirable as the core models.

Adrian Padeanu

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