2020 Audi RS Q8 Duo With 23-Inch Vossen Wheels Looks The Part

The RS Q8 is a new product in Audi USA’s portfolio and yet wheel specialists at Vossen have already managed to get a hold of not one, but two performance SUVs. If none of the three available OEM alloy wheel designs tickle your fancy, this pair of custom 23-inch sets might better suit your tastes. The Orca Black Metallic RS Q8 is featured in the adjacent video wearing Vossen’s EVO-4 set finished in a glitzy Patina Gold.

As for the Glacier White RS Q8 and its roof rack, it has been fitted with the aftermarket shop’s EVO-5R set in Gloss Black to complement the body’s dark accents and further accentuate the contrasting effect. Both speedy SUVs have been brought closer to the road to provide a more powerful stance for those willing to compromise some of the ground clearance.

Those willing to go all out can upgrade to 24-inch versions of both sets or opt for a smaller size as the EVO-4 and EVO-5R can also be had in 19- through 22-inch sizes. The former is the more affordable of the two sets, kicking off at $1,800 per wheel whereas the latter begins at $2,200.

Speaking of wheels and sizes, Audi design chief Marc Lichte said late last year that wheels larger than 23 inches make no sense. He went on to say the company is unlikely to go above this size since EVs won’t be bigger than conventionally powered vehicles. It’s a known fact an electric vehicle is roomier on the inside than a car of the same size equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine, therefore automakers don’t have to increase the footprint of an EV. Consequently, Audi argues 23-inch wheels are the largest they’ll go for. Of course, there’s always the aftermarket scene for those who want even bigger rims.

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