Audi RS Q8 render looks exactly as we’d expect

It’s honestly not hard to imagine what the Audi RS Q8 is going to look like. We’ve seen so many spy photos of it that we basically already know. In fact, its final design has been teased so much that Audi’s latest test mule is barely camouflaged. So seeing a render of it isn’t exactly groundbreaking but it’s probably quite accurate. (We don’t have the render but you can see it here)

What’s interesting about this render is that it gets some front end bits from the newly revealed Audi RS6 Avant. Which is likely, to be honest, as the two cars were probably being developed around the same time. However, the Audi RS Q8 isn’t going to be quite as handsome as the RS6, simply because the Q8 isn’t as good looking as the A6.

It does look cool, though. This render looks tough and aggressive, with its angry face, side skirts and large wheels. Of all of the brand’s SUVs, the Q8 is probably the best basis for a performance SUV, in terms of styling. Its massive rear fender flares and sportback-styling help create a good start for an RS car.

Under the hood, the Audi RS Q8 will get a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that should make around 592 hp and 590 lb-ft, just like the RS6. Don’t expect it to be as fast as the RS6, though, as it’s going to weigh quite a bit more. Thankfully, for the first time ever, Americans have the choice of a proper performance wagon over a performance SUV like this.

We’re still excited about the Audi RS Q8, due to Audi finally getting a competitor to the BMW X6 M. Admittedly, both cars are utterly ridiculous but they’re ridiculous in a funny, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. So as absurd as the RS Q8 will be, we’re excited to see it.

[Source: Motor1]
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