Seeing The Audi RS Q8 Get Paint Protection Film Is Therapeutic

New or old, cheap or expensive, we love our cars and we want what’s best for them. Those willing to make the financial effort to use paint protection film know it’s a smart investment as it saves them from future paint repairs that can get quite pricy really quick. Having that peace of mind is reassuring, and while PPF can only do so much protecting the bodywork from scratches and scuffs, it’s unquestionably worth having.

That’s what the owner of this shiny new Audi RS Q8 had in mind as the performance SUV was taken to OCDetailing to give that Navarra Blue paint the protection it deserves. Riding on the optional 23-inch wheels, the Lamborghini Urus’ cousin from Ingolstadt received the full PPF treatment, including for the optional carbon fiber package.

It’s not every day we get to see an RS Q8 without the door handles, but that had to be done to apply the PPF in one of the most vulnerable areas of a vehicle, extremely prone to scratches and scuffs. Audi’s flagship SUV received a thorough washing and drying to ensure an optimal result. You know the shop did a great job because the PPF is borderline invisible, unless you’re sitting close to the vehicle and you know where to look.

If you haven’t heard of OCDetailing, they’re based in Fremont, California and offer a multitude of other services beyond paint protection film. These include ceramic coating, powder-coated wheels, window tint, paint correction, and removing all of the vehicle’s chrome details.

This RS Q8 had a sticker price of well above $120,000 taking into account all the optional goodies inside and out, which although extremely pricey no doubt, it’s still relatively a bargain compared to a $200,000+ Urus. The Lambo does have more power and is a tad faster, but many are questioning whether it’s actually worth the massive premium.

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