Doug DeMuro Left Impressed After Reviewing The Audi RS Q8

Doug DeMuro has been keeping himself rather busy lately testing the most recent Audi models to arrive on US soil. After checking out the Q7 facelift at the end of May and the new S8 earlier this month, it was the RS Q8’s turn to get a Doug Score. It’s not the first time the hugely popular YouTuber got behind the wheel of Audi’s flagship SUV, having tested the base variant back in November 2018.

He was left impressed with the performance capabilities of the RS model, on top of which you have the comfort, luxury, and tech provided by the regular Q8. Doug DeMuro made the point about how Audi’s speedy SUV is essentially the same vehicle as the much more expensive Lamborghini Urus, with the two sharing the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, platform, and much of the other oily bits.

The “Super SUV” from Sant’Agata Bolognese does have more power and sharper handling, but it’s also a lot more expensive. At $222,004, the Lamborghini commands a hefty $109,000 premium over its sibling from Ingolstadt, which makes DeMuro wonder whether the significant premium commanded by the LM 002’s spiritual successor is justified.

The RS Q8 featured in the video is far from being the base $113,000 model as we’re dealing with a high-end variant with a sticker price of nearly $140,000 after adding a ton of options. Extra goodies include the 23-inch wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, along with Carbon Optic and Black Optic packages adding a series of visual enhancements.

While paying so much for an Audi RS Q8 doesn’t necessarily make it a bargain Urus, it does represent good value for money when you compare it to the Italian SUV. The Lamborghini does look a tad bit more exciting and wears a more desirable badge, but as DeMuro points out, they’re largely the same car. This poses a problem for the VW Group as the RS Q8 risks cannibalizing sales of the Urus. There are people who would rather get a second high-end car than pay more than $100,000 to step up to the Lambo.

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