Audi RS Q7 render shows off a genuine BMW X5 M-fighter

Audi Sport has yet to make a proper performance version of the Q7 SUV. While there’s been the triple-turbo diesel-powered SQ7, there’s never actually been a proper Audi RS Q7, something to really get the blood pumping. Which is a bit odd, considering that all of Audi’s German rivals have some sort of high-powered performance SUV. Porsche has the Cayenne Turbo, Mercedes-AMG has the GLE 63 and, most famously, BMW has the X5 M. So why no Audi RS Q7? We’re not sure but this new render makes us want one.

We know that the four-ringed brand has more RS-branded SUVs in store for the future. We know that an Audi RS Q8 is on its way and that will likely take up the mantle of Audi Sport’s high-performance SUV. However, there’s something cool about a traditional SUV packing supercar-like firepower. This new render shows off what that might look like and uses the new Q7 Facelift as its basis.

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It looks pretty cool, I must say. While performance SUVs are a bit absurd, this one is cooler looking than I might like to admit. With its massive blacked out grille, large front air intakes and black mirrors, contrasting its bright red paintwork, the Audi RS Q7 rendered here looks genuinely menacing. It also looks good from behind, where large oval exhausts flank a subtle diffuser. Oh, and the big wheels don’t hurt. I also think that the Q7 new Facelift is better suited to being sportier looking.

We don’t know if an Audi RS Q7 will ever be made and, honestly, we’re doubtful. The aforementioned RS Q8 is likely going to be the brand’s performance SUV of choice. However, we now know that if Audi Sport ever did get its hands on a Q7 and gave it the business, it’d look pretty cool.

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[Source: Behance]
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