Audi RS Q3 won’t make it to crossover-happy United States Market

Reviews for the new Audi RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback have been trickling out but it’s been a bit of a tease for us American enthusiasts. While the RS Q3 isn’t exactly the most thrilling of cars to drive, as it’s still a front-wheel drive-biased crossover, its blend of performance and daily usability is surprisingly attractive to a lot of us. If anyone that does like the idea of the Hot Q3 is American, they’re going to have to look elsewhere, though, as the RS Q3 is staying on the other side of the Atlantic.


According to Audi spokesperson Mark Dahncke, who recently spoke to Car Buzz, “The market for a compact high-performance SUV is simply too limited in the US”.

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That’s honestly surprising to hear. Americans love crossovers, to the point of obsession. So one might think that a fast, fun crossover like the Audi RS Q3 would be drooled over, here in the ‘States. Especially one with its style and fun interior.


Audi obviously isn’t stupid, though, and knows which models will and won’t sell well ‘Stateside. Also, we’re not going to complain about the RS Q3 not being sold here, as we just got both the Audi RS6 Avant and RS Q8, two cars that are incredible and far more exciting than the hot little Q3.


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Though, I will admit that if the Audi RS Q3 isn’t going to be sold here, it’d be nice if Audi did sell something like the RS3 Sportback or RS4 Avant. Being able to have an Audi Sport model that can also be used daily, and isn’t as incredibly expensive as the RS6, is something that us American enthusiasts are very jealous of. Sure, we get the RS3 Sedan and the RS5 Sportback but those are just two of the great daily performance Audis among the five or so that Europe gets.


So while not the most exciting of Audi Sport models, it would have been cool to get the Audi RS Q3 here in the good ole US of A.

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[Source: Car Buzz]
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