Audi RS Q3 Sportback With 21-Inch Wheels, Aluminum Pack Visits Dealer

German luxury brands are known for carving out new niches, and while Audi didn’t invent the crossover-coupe, it does have a strong presence in this segment. The smallest of the bunch is the Q3 Sportback, a not-for-America swoopy contraption that tries to blend both body styles. It didn’t take more than a few months to receive a full-fat RS version as part of Audi Sport’s promised SUV assault.

Putting the S in SUV, the five-cylinder crossover was filmed by splice77 on YouTube in a high-end specification at a Stockholm dealer in Sweden. Compared to a standard RS Q3 Sportback, this Mythos Black example swaps out the 20-inch wheels for an optional 21-inch set. Those attractive red brake calipers will also set you back extra since the stock ones come in black.

You’ve probably noticed by now the aluminum access throughout the exterior as part of a visual upgrade pack that suits the hot crossover quite nicely. Some have characterized the RS Q3 Sportback as being a cut-price Lamborghini Urus, and while we don’t necessarily agree, it does look fetching in this specification.

Those red brake calipers we mentioned earlier have a correspondent on the inside where the vehicle has a red pack. These contrasting accents can be noticed on the stitching of the seats, steering wheel, and gear lever to spice up an otherwise predominantly dark cabin. The red piping on the seatbelts is a nice touch, as is the stitching on the door armrest.

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The RS Q3 Sportback does not mark the end of Audi Sport’s SUV boom as we’re still patiently waiting for the RS Q5. There were some rumors about a potential RS Q7, but the large SUV lineup currently tops out with the SQ7. The rumor mill also suggests a larger model, tentatively called Q9, is on the agenda, but it’s too soon to say whether it would get the RS treatment. With BMW seemingly doing an X8 M, don’t be too surprised if Audi Sport will go down the same road.

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