Audi reluctant to Google Android Auto integration

Several automakers including Audi are not big fans of Google’s upcoming Android Auto integration. The giant software company is facing growing opposition in Germany where the local lawmakers agree with Audi and Mercedes-Benz in their quest to limit Google’s access inside the car. Android Auto will allow the driver interact with the navigation and music inside their cars, but car manufacturers don’t agree with a situation in which the Android operating system is used to control a car just like a smartphone or a tablet.

German politicians also have a problem with this as car manufacturing is the biggest industry in the country and they want to restrict Google’s access to data regarding the whereabouts and behavior of the cars and those inside it because this could ultimately dilute the importance of the industry. According to Audi’s CEO Rupert Stadler, “the data that we collect is our data and not Google’s data” while Volkswagen’s CEO Martin Winterkorn declared recently “when it [Google] gets close to our operating system, it’s hands off.”

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German chancellor Angela Merkel wants to prevent Google from establishing a monopoly position as a partner for working on autonomous vehicles. According to an estimation released by consulting company Roland Berger, by 2030 the market for assisted-driving software could reach as much as €20 billion.

Audi together with Volkswagen have expressed their desire to limit Google’s access to important details from their cars while BMW is styling analyzing the prospects of using Android Auto.

via Detroit News

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