Audi reliability gets Consumer Reports highest grade

In Consumer Reports’ annual analysis of which car company makes the best cars, Audi has recently received the highest grade. To be completely honest, even as Audi fans, we’re surprised. Audi hasn’t held the longest reputation of reliability during its time, with several cars being labeled unmitigated disasters, like the original Audi Allroad. However, Audi seems to have trended significantly upward, as CR grades it higher than every other brand in the test.

What’s even more impressive is that this is Audi’s second year in a row at the top. It’s followed by Porsche in second place and BMW in third. Oddly enough, parent company Volkswagen is ranked way down low, at twenty three.

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There are several factors that go into testing each brand. According to CR, each brand is tested on “road tests, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety” across their entire lineups. This helps car companies with small model portfolios, like Tesla, which only has two cars. This only makes Audi’s top spot even more impressive, as the four-ringed lineup is quite large.

Audi’s road test score is tied with BMW’s in second place, with a score of 86. But its overall score of 81 is the highest of any other car company.

Each car company is then measured on their predicted scores and customer satisfaction. So if a car company is expected to be great but customers are more disappointed than anticipated, it drops some scores. Audi had better than expected reliability and customer satisfaction. That combined with its highest road test score gave Audi the top marks on CR’s list.

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