Audi releases “The Chase” video from Captain America: Civil War

Audi has just released a short video, titles “The Chase” which includes unseen footage from the upcoming Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War“. The video features a scene where Captain America is driving an Audi SQ7 TDI and is being chased by the newly introduced Black Panther. This is an actual scene from the movie, but Audi injects some of its own footage into this scene to make it a TV spot for the brand.

During the chase, it seems that a family driving their own Audi SQ7 get caught in between this massive chase. With Shield agent cars behind them and Captian America in front of them, they are basically pinned while moving. It’s humorous and silly, as the family comments on the heroes running past at superhuman speeds.

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Captain America Civil War

Eventually, the mom, who is driving, decides to get out of the chase and “take a shortcut”, slams on the brakes and makes a sharp turn out of the traffic. They end up on an empty roadway and the dad says “Boys, that’s why I married your Mother”.

The commercial is funny, features some really cool cars and some kick-ass superhero action. We also get a glimpse of a scene from the movie that we haven’t seen before. The action looks great and the cars are very cool. Captain America: Civil War comes out May 6, 2016 and we’re excited to see it as well as the awesome Audis featured in it.

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