Audi Q5 bolsters sales record for 74th straight month

Audi has been on a tear these past few years in America, increasing its sales volume each and every month by record setting levels. Each new month, for the past few years, has been a sales record for that month for Audi. Last month marks the 74th month that Audi has done so, as the brand sold record-setting numbers for the month of February. For the month of February, 2017, Audi moved 13,741 units in the US, marking a 17 percent increase over 2016. Much of that success is attributed to the influx of new models for the Audi brand. Most notably, the Audi Q5, which was the brand leader for the month of Feb, selling 3,294 units.

Oddly enough, that only represents a 36 percent increase over Q5 sales from last year, but that most likely has to do with the Q5 being an incredibly popular car in an incredibly popular segment, so it sold well last year too. The Audi Q7, despite being a year old already, received a sizable bump in sales as well, with 2,477 units sold last month. That’s about 50 percent over last year.

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“SUVs now make up 50 percent of our sales volume, so we are excited about the launch of the all-new Q5 this spring,” said Mark Del Rosso, chief operating officer, Audi of America. “We are optimistic that this new model will build on the success of its predecessor and attract new fans to the Audi brand.”

But it wasn’t just SUVs. The Audi A4‘s sales also increased 30 percent, with 2,377 A4s sold. In fact, all Audi sedans increased in sales volume at least a little bit, with the A6, A7 and even the aging A8 rising slightly. Even the Audi A3 e-tron increased 61 percent over last February, with 400 units sold.

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It seems as if the diesel scandal that rocked the entire Volkswagen Group hasn’t tarnished the Audi brand in America. It seemed as if Audi and VW were going to have do take a bit of a reputation hit after the whole emissions violation scandal and work hard to get it back. However, it now seems as if customers have already forgiven Audi or never really associated it with Volkswagen in the first place. Or people just really love the new Audi Q5.

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