Audi recalls another 127,000 cars over new diesel emissions cheat discovery

Audi is just getting over its massive diesel scandal that shocked the entire Volkswagen Group just a few years ago. It seems, though, as if Audi can’t stop cheating diesel emissions, as the four-ringed brand now has to recall another 127,000 cars for the same emissions cheat device, only this time it’s not just on diesels.

According to the KBA, Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Agency, the Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, Q5 and Q7 are all effected. So basically every Audi. The engine in question is the brand’s 3.0 liter TDI V6, which is offered in almost every single Audi model. The KBA noticed that there were “unacceptable shut-off devices” fitted to the diesel engines so as to get around Euro 6 emissions regulations. The idea is that while the car is being tested in a lab, the software allows the engine to comply to the emissions regulations. But once the car reaches a certain real world speed, and front wheels have turned to prove the car is moving, the software changes to a more powerful setup, one that does not meet regulations. At least that’s how it used to work.

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Now, Audi claims it’s a transmission software issue. “The reason is that in some situations, engine speed is unfavorably influenced by the transmission software, which can have a negative impact on the engine’s emissions.” a recent statement from Audi said.

A spokesperson from Audi has said “The Federal Motor Transport Agency has now also issued a distinction for Audi models with V6 TDI engines”, to which he continued “The engine control software for the vehicles in question will be completely revised, tested and submitted to the KBA for approval.”

Audi is now currently working with customers to recall the violating vehicles and update the software so it meets regulations. “Audi has agreed with Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority that it will actively approach the relevant customers and recall the affected cars.”

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