Audi recalling 850,000 A4s due to airbag problem

The latest Audi recalling involves no less than 850,000 A4 units from all over the world affected by airbag issues. The premium German marque says all these cars were manufactured after 2012 and have problems with the software which could prevent the airbags from deploying in case of an accident. The compact sedan is equipped with airbags provided by Continental and according to Audi this problem has already been solved on the assembly lines in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm.

Audi of America has announced that 101,900 A4s from 2013, 2014 and 2015 model years will be recalled, while the company’s Chinese division says 250,000 cars were hit by the recall. It should be mentioned that in China all body styles of the A4 are being recalled, including long wheelbase, sedan and wagon.

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Audi isn’t the only automaker in the industry who is making recalls right now as Japanese supplier Takata is responsible for the recall of no less than 7.8 million vehicles built in US specification from various automakers such as General Motors, Toyota, Subaru, Ford, BMW and Honda.

This latest Audi recalling has a quick fix since the software update will take just three minutes according a company spokesman who also said even the cars built in October are affected.

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