Audi R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg to resign tomorrow following VW dieselgate

A report issued by Bild states Ulrich Hackenberg, the man in charge of Audi’s R&D department, will quit tomorrow.

It was only yesterday when Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn announced his retirement and it seems that was just the tip of the iceberg as more resignations are on the way. One of them belongs to Ulrich Hackenberg who is believed to call it quits on Friday during VAG’s Supervisory Board meeting. In addition, it appears that Porsche’s engine boss Wolfgang Hatz will also be forced to resign tomorrow while details regarding their replacements are not known at this point.

We do know from sources close to VAG that Martin Winterkorn will be replaced by either Volkswagen brand chief Herbert Diess or Porsche unit chief Matthias Mueller. A possible third candidate is Winfried Vahland who now leads Czech marque Skoda.

Since most of the voting power belongs to a few people in the Supervisory Board, there are slim chances of seeing a brand new face to replace Martin Winterkorn as Volkswagen Group’s CEO. Whoever it will be, there are difficult times ahead for Volkswagen after they were caught cheating by EPA during emissions tests in United States, with the German marque announcing shortly after there are 11 million cars all over the world with a special software that only kicks in during these tests to fool those in charge of measuring emissions.

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If the report turns out to be valid, it will be interesting to find out who will replace Ulrich Hackenberg.

Adrian Padeanu

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