You Need To See This Audi R8 Plus With Vossen Wheels, Custom Wing

The Audi R8 is the type of car that enthusiasts are finding to be hugely appealing in just about any form. Whether it’s previous or current generation, Quattro or rear-wheel-drive model, Coupe or Spyder, the V10 or the V8, the manual or automatic, Ingolstadt’s naturally aspirated machine is what many of us dream to own one day.

While the current-gen model does away with the gorgeous six-speed gated manual and the smaller 4.2 TFSI engine, the simplified lineup hasn’t reduced the car’s massive appeal. As desirable as the R8 is, some fortunate to own one have tinkered with their mid-engined supercars, slapping on twin turbos or a supercharger to the glorious 5.2 FSI.

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This pre-facelift R8 V10 Plus shot by YouTuber cvdzijden has been modified, but not the same extent. It’s been tweaked by Swiss tuner Horse Power Technics and packs a 630-horsepower punch or 20 extra ponies compared to the standard model. That might not sound much, but bear in mind it’s a lot harder to boost the output of a naturally aspirated engine compared to a powertrain featuring forced induction.

The noisy exhaust likely has something to do with the V10’s newly added muscle, but what caught our attention were those Vossen wheels with an intricate design. After a bit of investigation work, we’ve discovered those are the LC2-C1 forged wheels available in sizes varying from 19 to 24 inches, with pricing starting at $1,600 per wheel.

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The Vossen alloys and custom rear wing lend the R8 V10 Plus a special look, not that the regular model didn’t already have the wow factor. If you’re wondering where that hilarious sound is coming from, the answer would have to be the ceramic brakes. Speaking of which, the calipers – including the smaller ones for the parking brake – are finished in a contrasting yellow and are color-coded with the strut bar in the engine bay.

After being slowly unloaded from the truck, the R8 can be seen in action in a few roll races against a BMW M6 and a Porsche 911 that were both also tuned by HPT, along with a Dodge Viper and a McLaren 570S.

Adrian Padeanu

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