Audi R8 takes on Porsche 911 Carrera S and McLaren 570S

The Audi R8 might not be the original “everyday supercar”, as a case can be made for the ’70s BMW M1 being the original, but it’s certainly one of the best. It’s also never been better, thanks to its screaming V10 and sharper steering/handling. But is it good enough to take on the brand-spanking new Porsche “992” 911 Carrera S and the simply incredible McLaren 570S? Car Throttle recently put the three cars together to find out.

Really, this is a test to see if the all-new 911 can take on two of the world’s best supercars, even though the 911 isn’t exactly a supercar. While incredibly fast and astonishingly capable, the Porsche 911 has always been a sports car. So can the newest version of the most famous sports car take on two established supercars?

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The answer is, surprisingly, yes. Despite being down on power and performance, the Porsche 911 really holds its own in this company and actually compels drivers to choose it over its mid-engine rivals. In fact, as a driver’s machine, the new 911 has the goods on the Audi R8. Aside from the R8’s screaming V10, there’s not a lot to make a proper driver choose it over the 911.

Powering the Audi R8 is the aforementioned 5.2 liter naturally-aspirated V10 that makes 612 hp. In the Porsche 911 Carrera S is a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged flat-six engine that makes 443 hp, so it’s quite a bit down on power. While the McLaren 570S uses a 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 that makes 562 hp. Both the McLaren and the Audi can hit 60 mph in under three seconds, doing the same sprint in 2.9 and 2.8 seconds, respectively. It takes the Porsche 911 a few ticks longer, doing it in 3.5 seconds. Still, that’s flipping fast.

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All in all, it’s probably the McLaren 570S that’s the best car of the three, with the Porsche 911 next and the Audi R8 last. However, there’s a real argument to be made for the Porsche being the best, as it’s the cheapest by far and has the best interior while also being absolutely delicious to drive. While the Audi R8 made the everyday supercar famous, other cars have caught up so fast that even a sports car is capable of taking it down.

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