Audi R8 starring in Furious 7

Universal Studios launched a trailer where we get to see the Audi R8 starring in Furious 7 set to come out next year on April 3. Race Wars will be back in the seventh installment of the movie franchise and from this almost three minute long trailer we notice Ingolstadt’s supercar will be showcased in the movie, possibly alongside other models with the four ring logo.

It will be perhaps the most important movie of the franchise taking into account it will actually be the last where we will get to see the Brian O’Conner character played by Paul Walker who passed away in an accident while on the passenger seat of a Porsche Carrera GT at the end of November last year. The scenes which he never had the chance to take have been shot by his brothers Cody and Caleb while the producers also implemented some computer generated images (CGI) to make it look as real as possible.

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The Audi R8 starring in Furious 7 will be part of one of the Race Wars while the movie will be basically about getting revenge after Han’s death in part sixth. In addition, Owen’s brother (played by Jason Statham) will also want to revenge his brother’s death so it should turn out to be an action-packed movie, like all six previous parts.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.