Audi R8 Spyder gets purple paint and HRE wheels

The first generation Audi R8 Spyder has received a flashy purple paint along with a set of HRE wheels. It represents the work of Wheels Boutique who decided to fit the open-top supercar with a set of HRE P40SC alloys on a US-spec R8 Spyder which seems to be one of the late models equipped with a V10 5.2-liter naturally aspirated engine. Moreover, it also benefits from LED headlights and taillights and comes with an Akrapovic exhaust system featuring carbon fiber tips.

As most of you know, Audi recently took the wraps off the second generation R8 but only in coupe form so we will have to wait a while until the Spyder model will be out, possibly next year or in 2017. The coupe is set to go on sale in the following months and it will be available exclusively with a V10 5.2 engine but Audi is also selling a fully electric e-tron version which will be built to order at a yet undisclosed price tag.

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Many people have expressed their criticism regarding the styling of the new model which is why this first generation Audi R8 Spyder will likely be preferred by those people who believe the outgoing model is more stylish.

via Wheels Boutique

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