Audi R8 sales dropped 34-percent, to just 574 models in 2019

It’s long been said that Audi would kill off the R8 after this generation. Whether or not the R8 lives on as an EV is another story entirely, as either way the R8 as we know it is coming to an end. Despite this being sad news, we understand why. The Audi R8, as fantastic as it may be, just doesn’t sell and it’s likely not worth the investment anymore.


Last year, Audi R8 sales dropped 34-percent from the previous year, with only 574 models finding homes in 2019. That’s simply not enough to justify selling a six-figure, mid-engine, naturally-aspirated supercar, especially when you consider that sort is a dying breed.


Though, admittedly, if Audi did want to keep selling the R8, despite it possibly being sold at a loss, the four-ringed brand could likely manage it. While Audi R8 sales are down, the rest of the brand’s lineup is doing very well. Sure, total brand sales were only up 14-percent over 2018 but some brand-new models didn’t go on sale until almost the end of 2019. So given more time, those new models will surely increase volume and they’re the sort of cars that make Audi a lot of money.


Just look at the Audi Q3 to spot the trend, its sales are up 593-percent thanks to the new model coming out. Audi Q8 sales are up 85-percent and even A3 sales are up 59-percent. So the brand is selling a ton of other cars and could likely afford to keep selling the Audi R8.


Still, we understand why it might die off. Hopefully the R8 comes back as an electric supercar and maybe it will sell better. We’ll miss the Audi R8 when it finally dies off in its current form but we’re excited about the future of Audi’s electric performance cars. udi

Nico DeMattia

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