Audi R8 RWD Review Finds it Better Than Quattro

It’s sort of ironic that the favorite car from a brand most known for all-wheel drive is actually rear-wheel drive. The all-new Audi R8 RWD, which is the rear-drive version of Audi’s mid-engine supercar, is actually considered to be the best driving version of Audi’s best driving car.


In this recent review from Car Magazine, we learn that the R8 RWD is better to drive than the R8 Quattro, which is genuinely funny. Audi is a brand that’s staked its reputation on the fact that Quattro all-wheel drive is superior to all other drivetrain variants and the first time it develops a rear-wheel drive car, it’s almost unanimously considered better than the Quattro car.

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Don’t get it wrong, though. The Audi R8 Quattro is still an incredible driver’s car, one that brings astonishing performance in any weather. “But the RWD’s extra sense of directness, less corrupted steering and simplified ethos makes the entry-level R8 the most alluring of all. It’s the one we’d choose.” said Car Mag’s James Taylor.


The Audi R8 RWD is essentially the same car as the Quattro, just without a driven front axle and all the mechanical gubbins that come with one. So it’s not only lighter bur offers better feedback from the road. Audi also re-calibrated the suspension and traction control, to accommodate the lighter curb weight and lack of traction, respectively. In doing so, the R8 RWD rides better than the standard car and is still as easy to drive quickly.

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Sure, it’s not as unflappable as the Audi R8 Quattro but the RWD car is more fun because of it. There’s an extra sense of thrill, an extra sense of excitement, to go along with its already impressive driving dynamics. There’s also the fact that it’s a mid-engine supercar with a naturally-aspirated V10 engine that drives only the rear wheels. Now imagine it had a manual gearbox?


[Source: Car Mag]
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