Audi R8 rendered with steel wheels and unpainted bumpers

Hungarian independent artist X-Tomi Design decided to render the Audi R8 with unpainted bumpers and steel wheels. Such a version would obviously sit at the bottom of the range but you can be sure Audi won’t ever launch such a low specification version of its supercar since it doesn’t create a viable business case, plus it looks quite awkward.

The base version in the previous generation R8 was the model equipped with a V8 engine but Audi has decided to eliminate this motor and offer only the V10 5.2 and a fully electric e-tron variant. The cheapest Audi R8 money can buy will set you back €165,000 for the standard V10 with 540 HP & 540 Nm whereas the V10 Plus costs €165,000 and offers 610 HP & 560 Nm. Audi has not disclosed pricing details for the R8 e-tron but rest assure it costs more than €200,000.

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Audi R8 base spec render by X-Tomi Design
Audi R8 base spec render by X-Tomi Design

Later during the supercar’s lifespan, a new entry-level variant will be added to the range and could pack a V6 engine developing more than 400 HP. There might even be a turbodiesel engine which almost happened during the first-gen when the R8 was supposed to get a V12 TDI motor that eventually ended up in the Volkswagen Touareg.

via X-Tomi Design

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