Audi R8 owner finds manhood-mocking graffiti inside bumper

If you own and drive a supercar, it’s helpful to develop a thick skin. Drive around in a super sedan and no one will care. Drive around in a supercar and you’re going to be mocked, likely for having a small ego or manhood. Deserved or not. Typically, though, these things will only be said in passing while driving. They won’t stay with you. Unless, of course, they’re written on your bumper, which is what happened to one particular Audi R8 and its owner.

Dan Barnett, 42, from Britain was having some issues with a dealer and the service on his Audi R8. He had brought his car in for some repairs and had to return three times, claiming the dealer had damaged his front bumper and interior during their time with it. They must have exchanged some words over disagreements about who damaged what and that must have angered some of the techs working on the car.

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So later on, when Barnett went to remove the front bumper to do some repairs himself, he noticed some unsavory phrases written on the inside of it, as you can see below.

While it’s sort of funny, it’s actually pretty bad because that damaged the front bumper. Sure, that damage and vandalism is on the inside of it, where no one will see, but it’s vandalism nevertheless. Which is exactly how Barnett feels. “At first I laughed because it is quite funny”, he said. “But that soon turned to anger that they could do this. This isn’t a cheap runaround. They damaged the car and thought they’d get away with it.”

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The dealer, Sytner Audi, issued a statement saying: “We apologise for any upset. An investigation is ongoing.”

We’ve heard some horror stories of dealerships damaging cars and it can be extremely difficult to get any sort of remediation. In fact, a personal friend of mind had his car crashed by a dealership’s employee that was moving his car through the lot. Twice. So we can understand the frustration Barnett feels and hope this gets resolved soon.

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