Audi R8 involved in multi-car accident in India

A red Audi R8 V8 was among the cars damaged in India after a rather peculiar accident on a bridge located in Mumbai. According to a report, the driver of a Hyundai i10 was recklessly driving and at one point the cars in front stopped but the person behind the wheel of the i10 was not able to stop the car in time so it hit an Audi A4 which was in front.

It caused a chain reaction as the A4 bumped into the Audi R8 depicted here and it also hit a BMW. Needless to say, the multi-car crash created a traffic jam but no other cars were involved in the incident. The good news is there weren’t any injuries reported while the cars sustained some light damages and it was all because the driver of the Hyundai i20 acted hazardously and didn’t pay attention to the road up ahead.

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Audi R8 crash in India
Audi R8 crash in India

The Audi R8 depicted here will need a rear bumper replacement as well as a new left taillight while the left quarter panel will also have to be fixed so you can image the repair bill won’t be that cheap taking into account we are dealing with a high-end supercar.

via Wrecked Exotics

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