Watch Ultra-Rare Audi R8 GT Get Paint Correction In Extended Video

When Audi unveiled the R8 GT about ten years ago, it was the most hardcore version of the naturally aspirated supercar to date. A whopping 100 kilograms (220 pounds) lighter than the standard model while packing an additional 35 horsepower from its 5.2 FSI V10, the GT remains one of the most track-focused derivatives of the breed.

Just 333 coupes (and 333 Spyders) were built for the entire world, with only a few being assembled in right-hand-drive specification. This rare RHD example stopped by UK professional detailer WhiteDetails based in West Lindsey to get some serious pampering, including paint correction.

The 44-minute-long video goes through pretty much the entire process of freshening up the R8 and makes us feel as if we were involved in bringing back the shine to the mid-engined performance machine. Speaking of the engine, the place where the V10 calls home received some TLC as well, and so did the wheel well. The model-exclusive 19-inch wheels with a titanium look were thoroughly cleaned, along with the red calipers of the carbon ceramic brakes that came standard with the car.

Finished in Phantom Black, the R8 GT now looks pretty much as good as new and has ceramic coating for ease of mind. The video is a good reminder of how the limited-run special edition came with modified LED taillights with dark housings with panes of clear glass. LED headlights were standard, as was the manually adjustable coilover suspension lowering the body by up to 0.39 inches (10 millimeters).

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One feature this R8 GT lacks is the race package offered by Audi as optional equipment. It included a bolt-in bar finished in red and black, along with four-point seatbelts in one of the two colors, plus a battery kill switch and even a fire extinguisher.

While the end result is certainly impressive, it’s worth noting the detailing job was not without hiccups. Around the 32:50 mark, you can see he admitted to accidentally scratching the side skirts. We’re taking our proverbial hats off to him for showing the faux pas on camera as he could have easily not mentioned it on video, let alone show it.

Adrian Padeanu

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