Audi R8 GT with Larini exhaust sounds brutal

An Audi R8 GT fitted with a Larini exhaust system was filmed on camera, giving us the chance to hear that brutal soundtrack. The vehicle, one of the only 333 units ever made by Audi, was spotted at a recent Motor Sportive Day event organized in France and obviously the car which was wearing a Suzuka Grey exterior body scheme attracted a lot of attention.

It was probably one of the loudest supercars participating at the event and it’s all thanks to a custom exhaust system manufactured from stainless steel by Larini. It takes courage to modify an already heavily tweaked and upgraded car as the Audi R8 GT packs a V10 5.2-liter naturally aspirated engine with 560 PS sent to a quattro all-wheel drive system through a six-speed R Tronic sequential manual gearbox.

As far as the performance is concerned, the supercar is far from being slow as it will run the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint in just 3.6 seconds when using the launch control system and it will keep on going until it hits a top speed of 199 mph (320 km/h). Compared to other R8 versions, this one comes with a lightweight fixed rear wing, aluminum caps for the carbon fiber ceramic brake discs along with carbon fiber-reinforced rear bumper, rear hatch and side blades.

The Audi R8 GT also boasts LED headlights, a carbon fiber bumper splitter, a matte black front grille and 19-inch forged wheels while on the inside there’s a Bang & Olufsen sound system, satellite navigation, Alcantara trim and automatic climate control system.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.