Audi R8 GT fitted with ARMYTRIX exhaust plays its brutal soundtrack

The soundtrack provided by a stock Audi R8 GT is already impressive enough but it can be taken to a whole new level once the standard exhaust system is replaced with an aftermarket ARMYTRIX system. It’s not just any custom exhaust system as this one is manufactured from titanium to keep the weight down and it also comes with a cool tri-mode wireless valve control system (ON, OFF, AUTO).

Even when the driver selects the AUTO mode he still has the possibility of controlling the rpm level at which the valve will open. Not only is the exhaust lighter than the stock one, but it’s also significantly stronger thank to the titanium construction.

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Before watching the video, be sure to increase the volume of your speakers so you can fully enjoy the soundtrack.

To refresh your memory, Audi unleashed the R8 GT back in 2010 and production was capped at just 333 units, with each carrying a starting price in Germany of 193,000 euros. The limited-run model is based on the V10 version but the 5.2-liter was further tweaked to develop no less than 553 bhp, a lot more than the standard R8 V10 which pumps out 518 bhp. Torque also went up to 540 Nm and allowed the supercar to sprint to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds before topping out at 320 km/h.

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In 2011 the Spyder version came out, also limited at 333 cars, but with pricing kicking off at 207,800 euros in Germany.

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