Audi R8 gets Prior Design body kit and Brixton forged wheels

The Audi R8 has received Prior Design’s GT850 body kit and a set of Brixton forged wheels. The full exterior package offered by the tuner costs €24,900 (VAT included) and encompasses front and rear bumpers with side vents, a front lip spoiler and wide front fenders. Also part of the kit are the side skirts, rear wing, roof scoop, vents inserts with mesh, an engine cover as well as rear widenings.

This particular Audi R8 manufactured in 2011 was the star of a photo shoot in Hong Kong after being modified by ReinART Design. The supercar rides on a fresh set of rims called M53 Targa Series provided by Brixton and measuring 20.0″x10.0″ in the front and 20.0″x12.5″ in the rear. The wheels are finished with 24K gold outers / exposed hardware and accented with a matte firecracker black face / gloss firecracker black windows.

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The new look certainly makes the car stand out from the rest of the crowd as it comes with several enhancements throughout the entire cabin. Prior Design is offering a wide range of customizations for the interior and they also have their own 20-inch alloy wheel set priced at €1,990 and available in several colors. At an additional cost, the tuner can equip the Audi R8 with a custom exhaust system and a suspension kit.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.