Audi R8 Successor Confirmed to be Fully Electric

There’s been a lot of speculation as to the future of the Audi R8 over the past few years. Dwindling sales and a high cost of production meant the R8 has been nearing its end for a few years now. Plus, selling a V10-powered, gas-guzzling supercar at a time like this isn’t exactly great for optics, especially when Audi is trying to position itself as an electric brand. Finally, though, there’s some clarity as to the future of the R8, as Audi Sport’s head of product marketing Linda Kurz confirmed that the successor to the R8 will go fully electric.


Audi Sport’s next project is to “transform the R segment, and the R segment is going to be fully electric. This is our job for the next decade,” Kurz told CNET’s Roadshow. Whatever model comes next, it might not be called an “R8” but there will be some sort of low-slung supercar that will replace the R8 and it will do so entirely with electrification.

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Interestingly, the successor to the Audi R8 won’t be the brand’s only electrified performance car. Audi Sport wants to electrify up to 80 percent of its entire portfolio by 2026, which isn’t far away. Admittedly, “electrify” also includes plug-in hybrids but it’s still a huge step forward. In just four years, we will several plug-in hybrids and fully-electric Audi R and RS models.


As of right now, there doesn’t seem to be an official timeline as to when the current R8 will die off and when successor will emerge. This current R8 should last about another year, with its naturally-aspirated V10 engine, but don’t expect it to last much longer than that. Audi Sport clearly wants to move into electrification as quickly as possible and, now that the RS e-tron GT has already been revealed, its next project is a new halo car. Which means we could see an all-electric Audi R8 successor sooner than later.

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[Source: CNET Roadshow]
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