Audi R8 featured in epic Castrol EDGE commercial

It would be quite difficult to find someone who actually enjoys watching commercials about car oils because usually these are a bit on the boring side, even for a car aficionado. However, Castrol has decided to prove that exceptions do exist and have come up with an exciting ad to promote their EDGE oil.

By the looks of this video, they spent a considerable amount of money as they managed to gather Ken Block, Augusto Farfus, Adrian Zaugg and Mike Rockenfeller in the same place. Moreover, Castrol also brought some top-tier automobiles to match the talent of the drivers.


As you would imagine, Ken Block brought his well-known modified Ford Fiesta, while Audi Sport DTM driver Mike Rockenfeller got the outgoing Audi R8. The Lamborghini Aventador was driven by African racing driver Adrian Zaugg whereas the BMW M4 was handed to BMW factory driver Augusto Farfus.

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With a little bit of help from computer generated sequences, the three-minute clip is a very entertaining way of promoting car oil, especially when it involves Ken Block’s custom Ford Fiesta jumping over a sinister black Audi R8. Hopefully other car oil manufacturers will come up with similar commercials which would definitely improve their sales numbers if the end results will be near as good as this one.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.