Audi R8 Facelift teased by Audi Sport on Facebook

We know an Audi R8 Facelift is on its way. The four-ringed brand’s famous supercar will be getting one last injection of life before it dies off in 2020. Some spy photos have previously surfaced, showing off its new face and front end, but this is the first official teaser shot of the newly refreshed Audi R8.

Teased by Audi Sport on Facebook, this new teaser photo shows off almost the entire front end of the car, showing its new headlights, grille and front fascia. It also seems to show us that there will be two different faces of the newly refreshed R8, likely one standard and one “Plus”.

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The car on the left shows of its new Singleframe grille, which is now wider and shorter than before, as the front end seems to be a bit lower than before. While there’s no official word, it looks like the front end actually swoops lower to the ground than the current car, which will help with forward visibility and help give the R8 a more supercar-like feel. It also widens the car, visually, making it look more aggressive.

On the right, the other car gets the same grille, but it has three little horizontal vents above it. These are similar to those found on the new Audi A1 (which is odd that Audi’s cheapest and most expensive car share an exterior styling cue) and they don’t seem to be present on the car next to it.

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Also, it seems that the car on the right has more aggressive lower front air intakes and some added aero bits on the front lip. There also seem to be little vents next to the headlights, in between them and the grille. Those also don’t seem to be present on the car left of it. So this seems like it’s some sort of upgraed, sportier model, most likely just the “Plus” variant.

There’s no word on when we’re officially going to see the newly facelifted Audi R8 so stay tuned.

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