Audi R8 driver gets £11,059 fine for speeding

The driver of a first generation Audi R8 has to pay no less than £11,059 fine after being caught speeding. 45-year-old David Pickup was caught doing 101 mph (162 km/h) back in April last year on the A55 at Lloc in Flintshire. Interestingly, the local Magistrates’ Court found out from a police speed camera that the driver asked the police officers: “can we call it 98?”

Pickup was ultimately convicted for speeding, even though he denied breaking the 70 mph speed limit and he also questioned whether his Audi R8 was the car clocked by the speed camera. After his defense counsel expressed his doubts about the speed camera’s accuracy, the prosecutors decided to hire an expert who rented an airfield as well as an Audi R8 to conduct testing. The demonstration’s results proved the speed camera was working fine.

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As a consequence, David Pickup was fined £675 and given six points on his license for speeding and he will also have to pay £10,384 to cover the prosecution costs (including testing), thus bringing the total to £11,059.

Note: Attached image is for illustrative purposes only. Does not depict the Audi R8 mentioned in the article.

via BBC

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