Audi R8 Vs BMW M8 Competition, AMG GT R On Track In Cabriolet Fight

The rivalry between Audi, BMW, and Mercedes is as old as the hills, with the three premium brands currently competing across virtually all segments of the luxury market. Their top-of-the-line convertibles were put through their paces by Auto Bild at the Lausitzring track in Germany. The R8 V10 Spyder Convertible – Audi’s most expensive car – was pitted against the BMW M8 Competition Cabriolet and the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster in a three-way cabriolet fight.

Some might argue one car is significantly different than the other two considering the R8 has a mid-engined layout and a larger naturally aspirated V10 engine. The other two are both front-engined V8s with a pair of turbochargers thrown in for good measure. Side note, the GT R Roadster is technically front mid-engine. The Bimmer is the most powerful of the lot, offering 625 horsepower from its 4.4-liter engine or five ponies more than Audi’s sweet-sounding FSI engine. At the same time, it also has 40 hp more than AMG’s 4.0-liter unit.


While the M8 Competition Cabriolet has the advantage in terms of horsepower, it’s also the heaviest of the three by a significant margin. The additional fat it has to carry around represents an important factor in a track battle, but it’s partially compensated by the extra torque generated by the engine. The gearbox also plays a major role in these tests on a circuit, and while the Audi and AMG have dual-clutch seven-speed autos, the BMW features a torque-converter eight-speed automatic. Let’s also keep in mind the GT R Roadster is rear-wheel drive, unlike its AWD-equipped rivals.

Auto Bild has included onboard footage with all three contenders of the cabriolet fight, and we can already name a winner in the soundtrack category – the Audi R8’s V10. Despite having substantially less torque due to the lack of forced induction, Ingolstadt’s flagship sports car held its own against the twin-turbo machines. It ended up in second place, behind the track-focused AMG GT R Roadster but ahead of the luxury-oriented M8 Competition droptops.

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All three were within roughly two seconds, so there wasn’t much between them. Not that you’ll actually ever see any o

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