Audi R8 with Armytrix exhaust roaming through London

An Audi R8 fitted with an Armytrix exhaust has been roaming the streets of London to find out the citizens’ reaction to the brutal exhaust system. The car featured in this video is owned by Paul Wallace who runs the “Supercars of London” account on YouTube and has what could possibly be one of the loudest Audi R8 in the world.

He was curious to find out the reaction of Londoners when he revs the V8 4.2-liter engine so went for a cruise in UK’s capital. As expected, such a loud and beautiful supercar managed to attract the attention of people nearby, with some of them being actually scared of the noise while others filmed the vehicle. Throughout the video you will notice several other interesting reactions, proving once again that the Audi R8 is certainly an attention-grabber, especially when its stock exhaust is replaced with an Armytrix setup bound to make some noise.

What’s next in Audi’s foreseeable future? Well, an all-new model should be revealed in the months to come, with sales to commence sometime in 2015. It’s bound to continue with the V8 4.2 and V10 5.2 naturally aspirated engines which will be complemented later on by a smaller turbocharged motor.

The styling will be an evolution of today’s model with the same angular lines but a bit sharper while on the inside there will be a high-tech 12.3-inch digital configurable instrument cluster sourced from the third-gen TT.

via gtspirit.com

Adrian Padeanu

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