Audi R8 and Audi TT could be saved by going electric

It’s been well known for some time now that the Audi R8 is dying soon. After this generation R8’s life cycle is over, it’s said that the R8 model will be killed off altogether. We also recently learned that the Audi TT will most likely suffer the same fate. However, there’s new info coming out that says both cars could actually live on by going electric.

At Audi’s recent annual conference, according to Auto Express, the head of technical development Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler recently said “The TT is emotional to us; we’ve been having emotional discussions at the board level,” He went on to say that both cars could come back as electric vehicles.  “Some people say we should stop it but I say that it’s part of our DNA. We’re fighting for it. We want it. It’s our DNA and that’s what we’re fighting for. I’m going to convince my colleagues on how it can be electrified.

To be honest, this makes perfect sense. Both the Audi R8 and Audi TT are a bit superfluous at the moment, with the brand trying to push for a more electrified model portfolio. Neither car sells particularly well, either, while also bringing the brand’s overall fuel consumption up. So switching both cars to electric allows both cars to be far more viable for the brand in the future.

“The same applies to R8 as to TT,” said Rothenpieler. “We’re involved in discussing this, and these models and RS will need a change into e-mobility. That’s what we’re discussing. The e-tron GT is the first step, at the end of 2020; we have to keep our sporty DNA and I think we’re going to see in our discussions on what we’ll still need in terms of combustion engines and what we can transfer into e-mobility right away.”

Not only that but switching the Audi R8 and TT to electric gives the brand some sexy, stylish, all-electric sports cars to get people into dealerships.

“Audi will always have icon cars,” said Audi CEO Bram Schot. “We are an emotional brand. The e-tron GT will be a new icon. But with the TT and R8, we’re also looking at volumes because profitability is something we need to focus on.”

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