Audi R18 to make internet debut on Audi MediaTV

The Audi R18 is the Four-Ringed brand’s hybrid Le Mans race car, which uses a internal combustion TDI engine combined with an electric motor to create a true e-tron Quattro race car. For 106, Audi will be revealing its latest R18 Le Mans car on Audi MediaTV, on March 22. This internet debut will be ahead of the March 25/26 WEC (World Endurance Championship) prologue at Le Castellet, France.

This new Audi R18 is a big deal for the Audi brand and its Motorsport division, as the previous LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype) Audi vehicles have brought many victories home to Ingolstadt. Any time Audi introduces a new one it’s an occasion, as each new car has large shoes to fill, with its predecessors having many wins under their belts. However, with each new version, they get better and better with improved aerodynamics and performance.

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Audi Sport Finale 2015 R18

Hopefully, this new Audi R18 will be able to continue the tradition of Audi winning and bring home another WEC victory.

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